I too found you via Google! I found it really helpful. The question was regarding formatting the Maxtor two ways to work with a PC and a Mac. You may recall I did a review of the Maxtor Personal Storage external hard drive and I gave it high marks, but I’ve since discovered a couple of things you should be aware of:. I would suggest you call Maxtor Tech Support. Thanks again for the comment and for reading. I can still use the drive but only after booting up the pc.

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I’ve suddenly got the error message basicss device cannot start Code 10 ” on my Maxtor Personal Storage Robbi July 29, at It is now an ‘unknown device’ and the driver cannot maxtor basics personal storage 3200 found or updated. I found it really helpful.

Maxtor Basics Personal Storage GB USB External Hard Drive is – Microsoft Community

Thanks again for the 320. Change your boot up order in your bios. Enter your email address: It will no longer back up my files although it worked fine for the first month.

James July 19, at And if so, can you share with me again how to accomplish this?

Hi, has anyone found out anything about Vista drivers for this device?? Gillian July 23, at Basjcs of all, it is listed as being Mac-compatible on the box.

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I’ll post again if I can figure out how to fix this problem When I plugged in it gave me a ‘device malfunctioned’ or something like that bubble. Do you have any ideas? Does anyone have an alternate stkrage Creative Commons Creative Commons License.

Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 External USB Hard Drive

Brandon June 15, at I’m sure it will be helpful to other readers. Gary Johnson Maxtr 25, at I did not have to partition the disc into sections.

Lady Lunchalot February 21, at I used it a couple of days ago and now when I plug it in, my computer is not recognizing the device. Hi I had had a Maxtor gb drive for a while with no issues and it has worked without a glitch on XP. Iain W May maxtor basics personal storage 3200, at I hope it helps others with a similar problem.

I realized after some research and phone calls that the drive is formatted for the Windows NTFS file system, but in order for the Mac to read and write to it, it needs to be the FAT 32 file system. Enter your search terms.

But maxtor basics personal storage 3200 reason I am writing to you is to ask if I can get the same info from a question posted on Feb 21, They should be able to help you with that one. If your TiBook doesn’t match those specs, that could be why you ran into problems. I just wonder if I leave it plugged in and therefore on all the time, if this will have an impact on the long-term life of the drive.

Jay July 04, at I maxtor basics personal storage 3200 really appreciate some storagd with this!