Lastly, a protrusion of some kind in the paper path could be scratching the print. And with 1,dpi resolution for monochrome, it’s more than a match for any office workhorse. Calibrate For Paper phaser Only , Calibrate For Paper phaser Only Phaser Color Printer Calibrate for Paper helps you adjust the printer for the grade of non-Tektronix paper you print on, as well Calibrate for Paper menu as compensate for the current environmental conditions. Blank Print Inspect the main charge grid for a broken corona wire. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Try printing using a different paper tray.

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Phaser 740 Support & Drivers

Left door open interlock switch Toner cartridge drive unit Left door-opened Home position interlock switch sensor Tektronix phaser 740 switch cover Removing the toner cartridge drive unit, home position sensor and the left door interlock switch Phaser and Color Printers Replace the main charge grid.

Test Prints, Phaser Printer Test Prints 54 discusses solutions to problems revealed in the test tektronix phaser 740. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Power supply fan error. Turn the printer off.

Xerox Phaser 740

Hardware HP Australia to compensate 2, printer customers. And with 1,dpi resolution for monochrome, it’s more than a match for any office workhorse. For the Phaser printer, print the built-in Diagnostic Test Page; It is mounted inside tektronix phaser 740 customer- replaceable imaging unit.

Replace the accumulator cleaner clutch shaft and the cleaning board 2.

Tektronix Phaser | ZDNet

Rear Panel, Test Print Button independently of the image processor ; it tektronix phaser 740 no use for determining print quality. Rarely, a sheet of paper can tekronix folded and jam in the imaging unit, smudging the image.

Remove the frame cross member. The customer should be using a quality laser printer paper. Replace the image process board.

Check the version of your LaserWriter driver to ensure that it is version 8. At 5 ppm for color printing, it’s not a racehorse, but neither is paser a slug.

Stop prompt before ending the test. Imaging And Paper Feed Components D-roller, paper feed Guide, paper tray, front Guide, paper tray, rear Accumulator cleaning blade clutch assy Duplex tray connector Duplex unit service only Lower Tray Assembly no trays supplied Phaser and Color Printers Inspect the wiring harness leading from the paper feed motor to connector Tektronix phaser 740 of the engine control board.

Color toner costs run as low as 3 to 5 cents per page. Open the left Tektronix phaser 740 an side door; The premise for the Phaser is brilliantly simple: Page 46 Parity error. Troubleshooting This topic discusses troubleshooting the printer. Page 94 Stop prompt before 7400 tektronix phaser 740 test.

Tektronix Phaser – Wikipedia

Page 8 Stains on the back of the print Ghosting Unfused or partially fused tektronix phaser 740 Image is skewed on the paper No printing on edge of print Image is not centered on the print when it should be viii Phaser and Color Printers Blinking indicates an error has been detected.

Remove the bottom chassis pan. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Try printing the job again. Cork Separator Pad Note the spring is under tension. Multi-purpose tray pick roller The multi-purpose pick roller should be tektronix phaser 740 whenever the cork separator pad is replaced.

High-voltage board Warning The edges on the inside of the card cage are ragged and sharp and can cut you.